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Name Surname: Moshe Shaul

Date and place of Birth: 1929, Izmir

Date of Aliya: 1949

Marital Status: Married, father of two

Education: Izmir Saint Joseph and Atatürk High Schools,

Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Sociology and Political Science

Profession: Media member publishing in Ladino language and editor of Aki Yerushalayim Magazine published quarterly for 39 years


Moshe Shaul was born in the neighborhood called "La Montanya" (Mountain) in Izmir, where the Bet Israel Synagogue is located. He was active in the Neemanei Tsion youth organization and immigrated to Israel in 1949.

In 1954, during the first year of his university studies in Israel, an announcement posted on the university billboard caught his attention. Kol Israel (Voice of Israel) Radio, was looking for someone who could be a Ladino presenter. At that time, the Editorial Manager was Yitshak Levi. In addition to broadcasting, Levi was researching Judeo Espanyol culture and folklore. He would go to the homes of the elderly and to the old age homes, and register the songs he heard from them. In the course of time, he managed to save over 400 songs, which we call "kantikas" or "romansas" from extinction.

When Yitshak Levi, a noted musician, passed away in 1977, the management of broadcasting in Ladino was given to Moshe Shaul. The radio had all the facilities to preserve a language; stories, narratives and songs could be recorded. Thus, Moshe Shaul was able to tour the nursing homes and register over 3,000 songs in a few years with the help of the radio staff. And with Spain's assistance, these songs were included in the catalog of Kol Israel.

The radio program directed by Moshe Shaul won the first prize of Spain's EFE(Spanish News Agency) in 1980. (EFE is considered to be the world's third largest news agency). In 1985, he shared the Spanish National Radio's first prize with Radio Buenos Aires. In 1990, Aki Yerushalayim again won a special mention from Radio Buenos Aires. The award ceremony took place in Madrid, and Moshe Shaul received the award from the king.

In 2018, Moshe Shaul was honored with the title "Comandante de la Orden delMerito Civil Español", one of Spain's most prestigious awards. He was also appointed as a permanent member of Real Academia Española. Shaul was awarded by “La Autoridad Nasionala Del Ladino” the “Life Award” for his contributions to the Ladino language.

Works, publications: He published “Aki Yerushalayim” Magazine for 39 years. Moreover, his articles have been published on the websites of Şalom, El Amaneser Magazine and Itahdut Yotsei Turkiya.

Institutions established, supported: La Autoridad Nasionala del Ladino was founded in 1979 with the authorization of the then Minister of Culture Zvulun Hamer. Moshe Shaul was the deputy of former President Yitshak Navon, who was the president of the organization for many years. During the years that Moshe Shaul worked with Navon in this organization; he organized two international symposiums, one in Paris and the other in Salamanca, an exhibition of Ladino books, and he ensured the cataloging of the very old and decaying Ladino-language newspapers at the Ben Zvi Institute. He initiated Ladino courses still continuing at present, from Haifa to Beersheva.

Outstanding and Permanent contribution /reasons for nomination: Moshe Shaul, a voice familiar to Ladino-speaking societies in every corner of the world thanks to his broadcasts on the Voice of Israel (Kol Israel) radio, since the time when radio broadcasting was most prevalent to practically the present, has also worked for the preservation and advancement of Ladino language, culture, traditions and heritage. Shaul has successfully represented Israel in different forums organized in connection with the Ladino Culture. Consequently, he is eligible to be selected for his contributions to Israeli culture.


Bizi Takip Edin
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