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Prof.Shlomo Navarro

Name Surname : Prof.Shlomo Navarro

Date and place of Birth: 1939, Izmir, Turkey

He is married and father of 3 children.

Date of Aliya : 1963


Graduated from “ Ege University”, Faculty of Agriculture,Izmir, Turkey, with specialization in Plant Protection, 1958-1963

He has had numerous trainings in five different sabbaticals between the years of 1976- 2004, in Australia, Georgia,USA, Oxford, NC,USA, Fresno, CA, USA and Barcelona, Spain, respectively.

Profession: Entomologist with a Ph.D in Agriculture


Prof. Navarro started his professional career in 1963 as an entomologist in the Plant Protection Service of the Ministry of Agriculture in Jaffa. During the years of 1964 to 1974 he worked as a researcher in the same establishment.

From 1974 until 2005 he worked as a research scientist at the Agricultural Research Organization (ARO); Prof. Navarro was instrumental in organizing the Department of Stored Products, and has served as Head of the department. He has chaired numerous professional and scientific committees at the ARO including the Research Projects Evaluation Committee on Food Technology, and the Stored Products Advisory Board of the Ministry of Agriculture. He fulfilled numerous positions, among them Director for Academic Affairs, Director for International Cooperation, Deputy Director at the ARO, Chairman of the Committee for Promoting Commercialization of R&D Applications and other 39 different committees at the ARO and at the Ministry of Agriculture. The positions included Head of the Committee for cooperation on Agricultural Research between ARO, Israel, and five Turkish Universities and TUBITAK, Turkey.

He has been a teacher and lecturer in many training courses in several countries including Venezuela, Cyprus, Brazil, USA, Turkey, Eritrea, Philippines and China.

During the years of 1970 to 2002, he has lectured in twenty different training courses in Israel.

He has trained and supervised many University students from Turkey, Cyprus, China and Israel.

He also has been a member of 23 different scientific and agricultural committees and has chaired most of them during the years 1974- 2010. Most of these organizations are international ones.

Prof. Navarro has been awarded many international grants due to his outstanding research activities.

He has twice been rewarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, (in 1966 and 1973) for his outstanding contributions in specific areas pertaning to his domain.

He is the principal inventor of technologies that are environmentally user friendly for the protection of food without detrimental chemical pesticides.

Professor Navarro is a worldwide expert in the postharvest protection of durable commodities with specific emphasis on insect control and storage engineering technology.

Works, publications: He has authored or co-authored more than 380 technical articles in scientific journals, conference proceedings that include 25 books and book chapters.

He is the owner of 12 different patents in Israel, the USA and Europe.

Some of his patent numbers are 65436, 87301, 115838, 122456, 125130, (Israel), and 33840, 6824812 6941727, 7788968 B2, 7749525 B2,(USA) and 1576882(Europe).

His handbook of “ Aeration in subtropical Climates” for the Food and Agriculture Organization, (FAO) was the leading auhority for aeration in tropical and subtropical grain stores.

Insect Pest Management of Oilseed Crops, Tree Nuts and Dried Fruits, June 2018

The Significance of vapor pressure in quality preservation of stored commodities under gastight conditions, April 2018

Protectıng food packaging materials by natural nontoxic insect repellents, January 2014

are among his other publications.

İnstitutions established, supported:

Co founder of the Permanent committee for the International Conference on Controlled Atmosphere and Fumigation, (CAF), its secretary between 1972 until 2010, when he was elected to be its President. He has served as Convener of the International Organization for Biological and Integrated Control of Noxious Animals and Plants, (IOBC) on Integrated Protection of Stored Products.

He has been specially invited to many seminars and lectures as a consultant scientist in different countries including Bolivia, Nıgeria, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, England, Togo, Canada, Singapore, France, USSR, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Rwanda, Austria, Portugal, Greece and others.

Outstanding and Permanent contribution /reasons for nomination:

Being one of the leading scientists not only in Israel but throughout the world in his specific Agricultural Entomology, not only has Prof. Navarro contributed to the Israeli Agriculture, but he has also successfully represented Israel all over the world with his knowledge and impressive personality.

İnteresting facts: He speaks and commands five laguages.


Bizi Takip Edin
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