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Dr. Selim Yehoshua Salti

Name Surname : Dr. Selim Yehoshua Salti

Parents’ Names : Rachel, Hayim Vitali

Date and place of Birth : 1935, Istanbul

He currently resides in Moshav Rishpon with his wife, two children and their families.

Date of Aliya : 2013

Profession : Industrialist, Businessman

CV :

Both during his University studies and also after graduation Dr. Salti worked in different newspapers, (Istanbul Ekspres, Aksam) and also in Shalom, where he later became its editor in chief. (Shalom was and is the only newspaper of the Jewish community living in Turkey and is published in Istanbul)

He was active in the Zionist Betar organization as a young man. He started taking part in the family business from the 1960’s onwards. Before making his aliya to Israel he emigrated to Switzerland in 1975 and lived in Geneva for many years taking care of his business. He also served on the Jewish Community’s executive committee. In 1981 he established the Metro chain stores in Israel. One of the aims was to help make aliya for some 17 families. The project suceeded.

Dr. Salti sits on Bar Ilan University’s Board of Trustees and has received an honorary doctorate from this University in recognition of his monumental contribution to preserving Judeo Spanish heritage and the Ladino language.The University’s pioneering Institute for Ladino Studies -inspired by his vision- connects past and present, as well as Sephardic culture and and Diaspora Jewry with the State of Israel.

Works, publications:

He has written numerous articles in Turkish, French and Judeo Spanish,(ladino), for Shalom and for Amaneser, a Shalom supplement. He also wrote for the “Ayom”, a periodical of the local Jewish community, during his stay in Geneva.

İnstitutions established, supported:

He is one of the founders of Yildirimspor, a sports club for the Jewish youngsters Istanbul. He presided the Executive Comittee of the club fo seven years and became the longest serving President.

In 1983 he established the Yehoshua Salti Fund, which has been providing scholarships to hundreds of University students since then.

Dr. Salti established the Salti Institute in Bar Ilan University in 2003. Being the first and only Institute in its field, it preserves and advances the Ladino language and culture. Many academics are among the Institute’s graduates and continue to strengthen the culture. With BA, MA and PhD studies, conferences and collaboration with European and American universities, the SALTI INSTITUTE has put Ladino on the academic map.

Outstanding and Permanent contribution /reasons for nomination:

By founding, financing and supporting the above three institutions Dr. Salti has significantly contributed to Turkish Jewry, to Israel and to the preservation and advancement of the Judeo Spanish language and culture as a prominent philantropist.

İnteresting facts: He is a “chef”’ in fish cooking


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