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Sami ve Itshak Sagol

Name, Surname : Sami Sagol and Sagol family

Date and Place of Birth: 1942, Izmir, Turkey

Married to Tova Sagol and has four daughters

Date of Aliya : 1957

Profession : Industrialist, former CEO of Keter Plastic, businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist

Name, Surname : Yitshak Sagol

Date and Place of Birth : 1944, Izmir, Turkey

Married to Linda Sagol, they have a son and a daughter.

Date of Aliya : 1958

Profession: Founder and Marketing Manager of Keter Plastics; philantropist


Born in Turkey, Sami Sagol immigrated to Israel with his sister Viki (Sagol) Bencuya at age 15. After his military service in the 1980’s, together with his brother Yitzhak, he received the managing responsibility for Keter Plastics, founded by his father Joseph, in 1948.

Joseph Sagol (1913-2000) was a devout Zionist and a man of vision. He made aliya from Izmir with his wife Emily and under his direction and with the technology he introduced; the company was transformed from a small local business into a leading manufacturer of consumer products; a world leader in the production and marketing of home improvement consumer products, employing 4,500 workers globally.

In addition to his business activities, Sami Sagol and his wife support initiatives in Israel that promote higher education, scientific excellence and coexistence and the bridging of social and economic gaps. Tova and Sami as well as Yitshak and his wife Linda are patrons of The Israeli Opera and The Israeli Philarmonic Orchestra. Sami Sagol bought Hapoel Tel Aviv Soccer Team . Through his initiative,” football has been developed as a tool which generates change in weaker sectors, primarily needy populations in Israeli society. Hapoel “Keter” Tel Aviv has established a network of football schools within a program called “Mifalot”; reaching thousands of children in the social and geographical periphery of the State of Israel.

His leadership has consistently emphasized social contribution. In 2005, he established an international development and innovation center – d-Vision ;an internship program that provides young designers with practical experience and professional training in research, development, design, and technology, and more, benefiting both the individual participants – and Israel's industry.

Longtime philanthropist, Sami Sagol is also a scientist at heart! Together with his brother Yitshak Sagol who supported him all along the way, they poured their gains into ”The Sagol Neuroscience and Longevity Network”, a series of 12 centers at eight Israeli institutions focused on brain science, aging, and longevity, including the Sagol Institute for Longevity Research at the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Sagol School of Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University and the Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research at Assaf Harofe Medical Center. Sagol Center at IDC harnesses the embodiment of the brain through mindfulness and biofeedback training to promote positive brain traits. The creation of TAU New Sagol Center for Smart Biotechnologies is a ground-breaking approach to regenerative medicine that has captured the attention of the scientific world. Researchers are now regenerating organs in the lab with the aim of eventually transplanting them into patients – and curing diseases rather than merely treating them.

Contribution to the world and Israel:

Sons of the legendary pioneer Joseph Sagol, Sami Sagol and his brother Itzhak Sagol were recognized for their contributions to Israel’s economy, culture,

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