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Yitshak HASON

Name, Surname: Yitshak Hason

Date and Place of Birth: 1921, Turkey

Date of death : 2010

Profession: Military, environmentalist, activist, writer

Yitshak’s family moved from Turkey to Israel and settled in Yafo near Neve Tzedek neighborhood with their six children, when he was less than a-year old. The language spoken in the family was Ladino. In his young age, he joined the Nationalist cell of a group close to the Beitar organization called :“Hataim Haleumiim”. Hason joined the “Etsel” underground group, headed by the late Prime Minister Yitshak Shamir in 1936 and later on the "Lehi" organization in 1939. He remained a member of this organization until the establishment of the State of Israel. His first job in the organization was as adjutant of Avraham Shtern, commander of Lehi.

He was commissioned by Shamir with the establishment of the intelligence department of the organization. His code names were "Yosi", "Lot" and "White". He organized the Jerusalem section of the Lehi organization. There, in Jerusalem, he met his future wife, Sara Rahtman (code name “Nurit"), who was also a member of Lehi. His athletic, basketball player wife belonged to a religious family.

He planned and realised with success the escape of Lehi underground spokeswoman Geula Kohen, who was detained in a hospital by the British.

With the establishment of the Israeli State, Hason joined the Israel Defense Forces and served in Beersheva. Despite offers to be promoted to the rank of officer several times, he preferred to remain a soldier and participated in the War of Independence as a Palmah member.

In his civilian life Hason realized his childhood dream and turned into a farmer growing saplings in the city of Beersheva.

He founded a greenhouse and nursery in Ramat Hasharon and a company called “Hatarey Nof”. He established parks and carried out various agricultural and environmental projects. Ganey Yehoshua Park, "Summit garden" in Yafo, "Tropical Garden" in Park Hayarkon, Jordan Israeli border fence (from Dead Sea to Eilat), the plant arrangement in Kiryat Shaul Military Cemetery were created either under his leadership or with his significant contributions.

In 1976 he founded the "Secular Movement" to stand against "Religious Pressure and Resistance". Professor Uzi Ornan led the movement. With the end of this movement in 1980, Hason founded the "Secular Humanist Union" and he led the organization until its dissolution in the early 90’s.

Hason also founded and edited the "Humanist Solution" magazine. He participated in numerous domestic and international congresses to spread the humanist ideology.

In his book “Old Man and Me”, he describes how a young adventurer turned into a humanist in his later years.

Works / Publications:

The Old Man and Me

Solomon's Stories

Stories of Itsik’s Grandfather

Solomon's Stories 2

Institutions Founded / Worked / Supported:

Secular Movement

Secular Humanist Union

Humanist Solution (magazine)

Outstanding and permanent contribution / Reasons for Selection:

With his important duties in and contributions to the establishment of the State of Israel in his youth, with his subsequent fight for humanitarian values through the institutions he established and congresses he organized, and his contributions to the welfare of Israeli society and humanity, Hason has been chosen to this honorable list.

He was a fighter turned idealist who yearned to make his country and the world a better place to live in.


Bizi Takip Edin
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