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Name Surname: Yashar Ben Mordehay (Yucedag)

Parents’ Names: Lili and Mordo Yucedag

Date and place of Birth: 1956, Ankara, Turkey

Date of Aliya: 1973

Education/ Schools Attended: English High School for Boys, Istanbul,

Robert College, Istanbul

Tecnion, Haifa

Profession: Chemical Engineer


Yashar ben Mordehay was born in Ankara, Turkey, to a Zionist family, many of whose members immigrated to Israel in the 1940s and 1950s. Though he attended the top schools in Istanbul, he decided to make his aliya, impressed by life in Israel during his summer visits to the country.

He made his aliya in 1973. During the 1973 war, he volunteered in Kıbbouts Gan Shmuel, where he had already stayed for a while.

After the war, he started his studies in the Technion, Haifa. A small advertisment on the campus board led him to choose his future career and he started to work in the Ashdod Refineries during his 1977 summer vacation. He finished his military service as an officer. Since he was “a lonely soldier with no family in Israel”, the military permitted him to work in the Refinery during his free time from service. During his 10-year stay in Ashdod, while working in the refineries, he married his Californian “ola hadasha” girl friend and they started raising their three sons.

Yashar ben Mordehay made revolutionary improvements in the refining process of the factory and its digitalization. Following his successful performance, he was promoted to the post of operations manager in the Haifa Refineries. The family moved to Haifa. Given his continuous success in all his assignments, he was promoted to be the Managing Director of the whole group, (Ashdod and Haifa Refineries, plus three companies in their ownership), in 2000.

Ben Mordehay was very much involved in the regulatory procedures in the following years. Since the status of the enterprise granted by the British in 1933 came to an end in 2003, many regulatory decisions had to be made in addition to his basic duties. Then came the privatization process and also the splitting of the two refineries which were both accomplished successfully. In 2011, Ben Mordehay finished his 11 years of leadership in the company. However he was assigned to lead a new project of the enterprise.

In 2014, he was involved in a new chemical project for the Alon Energy Group.

In 2017, Bezen, the Refinery he worked for so long, once again called him to duty and this time the objective was to overcome the serious problems involving the damages caused to the environment. Many efforts were spent to improve the “greenness” of the refinery, minimizing the environmental dangers and appeasing all the regulatory bodies involved. This objective was reached by 2019 and Ben Mordehay had once more finished his assigned duties.

He currently works as a consultant in the petrochemicals field.

İnstitutions established, supported:

He is a volunteer in the “ Friends of Hursha School” organization, supporting and helping autistic children studying in this public school.

Outstanding and Permanent contribution /reasons for nomination:

Ben Mordehay is a very impressive example of a lone Zionist youth who, with his determination, succeeded in reaching the highest echelons in the Chemical Industry of the country and in this way contributed significantly to its welfare.


Bizi Takip Edin
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