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Mordehay Gazit (Wienstein)

Name Surname: Mordehay Gazit (Wienstein)

Parents’ Names: Tsipora and Efrayim

Date and place of Birth: 1922, Istanbul, Turkey

Date of Aliya: 1932

Date passed away: 2016

Education: M.A. in Archeology from the Hebrew University

Schools attended:

Profession: Diplomat, Ambassador


Mordehay Gazit was born in Istanbul in 1922 to Ukrainian parents and at the age of ten made his aliya to Israel together with his parents. At age 14 he joined the “Haganah” forces and became an officer. In 1946 he was chosen to the very first semester of the newly established “School for the education and training of diplomats” initiated by the Jewish Agency.

He was the commander of the “Etsiyoni Unit” in the Independence War and fought for freeing “Kastel” that opened the way to Jerusalem to Israeli forces.

He was wounded during the fights.

However he was severely injured once again during his commanding Israeli forces in the Jewish Quarter. His injury forced him to end his military career and directed him towards diplomacy and to be influential in this alternative path. The war also ended his aspirations for an academic career although he had received a Masters Degree from the Hebrew University in Archeology. He opted for the pursuit of serving his country in diplomacy instead of continuing a personal goal, (academic career in archeology)

He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1949. His diplomatic career continued for 30 years both abroad and in the office in Jerusalem. He served in Burma, London, Washington and Paris. He was instrumental in the change of policy of the State from France to the USA. He was the director of the Foreign Ofiice during the years 1972-73, and from there continued as the director of the Prime Minister’s office. During these two positions that he held, he was very active in peace negotiations with the Arab World through USA intervention.

During his mission in Washington, he was instrumental in the purchasing of various warfare for the State including the Skyhawk for the Air Force.

He was also involved in the sensitive discussions with the US Foreign Office regarding the nuclear facility in Dimona. Upon finishing his service for the State, Gazit started to research, write and lecture on topics familiar to him such as political processes in general and the Middle East peace process in particular.

He was a guest lecturer in Harvard University and a member of the Truman Peace Center in Hebrew University.

Works, publications:

The Peace Process – Red Line

The Peace Process, (1969-1973), Efforts and Contacts (Jerusalem, The Magnes Press, 1983)

Israeli Diplomacy and the Quest for Peace, (London 2002)

The Genesis of US- Israel Military Strategic Relationship and the Dimona Issue

İnstitutions established, supported:

Outstanding and Permanent contribution /reasons for nomination:

Mordehay Gazit lived a life that was dedicated to the service of the State of Israel, first as a warrior and then as a prominent diplomat and served in very influential official positions at most crucial times in the establishment of the country.


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