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Miki Gavrielov

Name, Surname: Miki Gavrielov

Date and Place of Birth: 2.11.1949 Tel Aviv

Education: Studied harmony, composition, guitar and contrabass at the Jazz School. Studied piano and singing for four years with a scholarship from the American-Israel Fund.

Profession: Composer and singer


He is the son of a Jewısh mother and Armenian father, both from Turkey. His original name is Michael. He began his career in 1960 as a member of The Churchills group, a rock band, playing bass guitar. He then released three albums and achieved great success both in Israel and in Europe. He performed with Mungo Jerry, the famous British rock band of the 70's.

He accompanied Arik Einstein's songs with some members of The Churchills group towards the end of the 1960's. A majority of the most popular songs sung by the famous singer Arik Einstein were composed by Gavrielov. The first album released by the duo is "Ba Deshe Etsel Avigdor" (On Avigdor's Grass), which consists of children's songs they prepared in 1971. The album "YankaleRotblayt"- of which all the songs are composed by Gavrielov and the lyrics by Einstein - was a huge success. Songs like "Ani ve Ata", (I and You) "Ani Roe Ota BeDereh Le Gimnasya "(I see him on the way to school) were included in this album and are today among the classics of Israeli music. The two also appeared on the television show "Lool" together.

Gavrielov also composed the music and the lyrics of the song of Uri Zohar’s movie, "Eynayim Gdolot" (Big Eyes), in which Arik Einstein also starred as an actor. In 1974, Einstein and Gavrielov released their joint second album "Sa Leat" (Drive slowly).

Reunited in 1980, the duo released their third album, "Hamush be Mishkafaim" (With Glasses On). This album also includes the song "Hi Yashva LaHalon" (She Sits at the Window), one of the most well-known classical songs of Israel, with lyrics by Hayim Nahman Bialik, composed by Gavrielov. In 1986, they prepared the duo's most successful album “Ohev Lihiyot BaBait” ​​(I like to be at home).

"Al Gvul HaOr" (On the Edge of Light) was their fifth and last album. This album contains "Uf Gozal", which is the best song ever.

Some 26 years later, Gavrielov and Einstein got together again for new songs in 2013. They decided to produce four songs but Arik Einstein died a month later.

In 1986, Gavrielov composed for Hava Alberstein's "Kashe BaLayla" (It’s difficult at night ). Being an independent singer and composer, Gavrielov has released twenty albums for himself. His first album "Agadat Gavrielov" was followed in 1983 by his second album "Miki Gavrielov" in 1988, "Avanim" (Stones) in 1989 and "Sipur Shel Horef" (Winter Story) in 1990.

In 1991, he went to Turkey and together with the Turkish singer Selda Bağcan, produced an album: "Keshe Halamtı Al HaBait" (while dreaming of home). In 1994, he released the album "Al Kaf HaYad" (On the palm of the hand), based on the poems of Hanoh Levin and Natan Alterman.

When the Jordan-Israel peace agreement was signed, he went to Jordan and recorded with the famous orchestra "HaSordim" and took the stage with this group as a symbol of peace at the Israel Festival.

He was honored with the title of Honorary Doctor from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2016, and also won many awards.

His works: Wikipedia contains a long list of his albums.


Bizi Takip Edin
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