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Itzchak Gat

Name Surname : Itzchak (Itzik) Gat

Parents’ Names : Grasia Hanna, (Istanbul), Tzvi Helmut, (Germany)

Date and place of Birth: 1947, Israel

Marital Status : Married, father of three

Education : B.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Profession : Aeronautical Engineer, Brig. General, (retired)


Brig. General (Ret) Itzchak Gat served 27 years as a fighter pilot and a commander in the Israeli Air Force. He graduated from the Air Force Pilot Academy in 1967 as an outstanding student, and his military career included the command of two combat squadrons, command of the Ramat David Air Force Base, heading the Operational Requirement Department, and heading the Logistics and Engineering Directorate, (1990-1992).

As a civilian, Mr. Gat has served as Chairman of three companies in Israel, all of them defense oriented.

In 1999, he completed a six-year term as CEO of Rafael. While at Rafael he introduced significant changes, covering its reorganization and incorporation as a limited government owned company. Export sales were doubled during his term. As CEO of Rafael, Mr. Gat was chairman and member of several boards of directors in partnerships and subsidiaries, including Galram, S.C.D., Opgal and RDC.

During 1999-2004, he served as CEO of Poalim Electronic Communication, a company belonging to Hapoalim Investment Group.

His next assignment was in Elbit Systems and SIGINT-Elisra Ltd from 2005 until 2013. He served as General Manager in the group. Elisra, including its fully owned subsidiaries, Elbit Systems BMD and Land EW-Elisra Ltd. and others, is a world leader in electronic warfare, intelligence and communications solutions, providing advanced technologies for air, ground and sea.

In 2013 he was back at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. and served as Chairman of the Board until January 2017.

Outstanding and Permanent contribution /reasons for nomination:

He has been nominated as a candidate due to his outstanding contributions to the defense of the State of Israel in the various important positions he has held during his lifetime, both while in the army and also in his civil career.


Bizi Takip Edin
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