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Name, Surname : Dr.Avraham Suhami

Birth Date and Place : 1935 Izmir, Turkey

Aliya Date : 1949

Date of death : 2020

Marital Status : Married, father of three

Studies : Studied at the Jabotinsky Youth Village in Beer Yaakov. Studied mathematics-physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Received his PhD in nuclear physics from the Physics Department of Technion University in Haifa.

Profession : Physician, professor, industrialist


Born in Izmir in 1935, Dr. Suhami immigrated to Israel alone at the age of 14. In 1969, he founded Elscint as a daughter company of Elron and became its General Manager. The founding of the Elscint company was assisted by Uzia Galil, general manager of Elron company, and Dan Tolkovski, head of Discount Investment Company.

Elscint started off with a capital of 250 thousand dollars. "Imaging in the field of health" was chosen as the study area. Elscint launched the first CT device in 1976, and the first MRI device in 1982.

With the nuclear medicine and medical imaging technologies, the company has managed to become the leading company in the world and not only in the country.

At the end of its agreement with General Electric and as a result of its successes, Elscint became the first Israeli company to go public on the New York stock exchange in 1972. In 1985, Suhami emigrated to Silicone Valley in California due to a Tax Office investigation against Elscint. Upon reaching an agreement in the legal process, he returned temporarily to Israel after 14 years. In 2016, he founded the “Elscint Tomography” Company together with his son, for the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Although Dr Suhami recommended the company's technology to be used in exposing Hamas' terror tunnels, he did not receive a positive response from the Israeli Defense Forces. This same Elscint technology is currently being used in the Rambam Health Center in Haifa.

Although Elscint ended its industrial and commercial activities as a company at the end of the 1990s, it was awarded many awards during its commercial life.

Besides his business life, Dr Suhami was recognized for his social activities.

He entered political life by joining the Dash Party, established after the Yom Kipur war.

Dr. Suhami passed away in May 2020

Works / Publications:

As one of Israel's most important inventors, he has over 14 patents worldwide.

Institutions Founded / Worked / Supported:

Member of : American-Israel Commission that supports Research and Development for the advancement of Israeli Industry.

Member of the LID - Reform and Leadership Center in Netanya.

Received Industrialists' Association Award in 1979

Received Honorary Doctorate from Technion in 1981.

Honorary membership from Israel Health and Biological Engineering Association in 2009.


Outstanding and lasting contribution :

The international company Elscint, which he founded and managed has been one of the pioneer and leading start-ups in Israel. He opened a new era in cancer diagnosis and angio surgeries. Dr. Suhami made significant contributions to both the country's industry and to world public health thanks to many imaging patents he invented.


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