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Name Surname : Daniel Beeri

Date and place of Birth : 1946, Istanbul

Date of Aliya : 1968

Charlotsville, Virginia, USA, LLB degree

Profession: Lawyer and Judge


He served in different units of the Israel Defense Forces in connection with legal issues between the years of 1974 and 1997.

Among his duties were, legal advisor to the Central Army, legal advisor to the Air Forces, army ombudsman to the legal affairs section, Chief Justice of the National Security Court, Chief Prosecutor in the Israeli Army.

Judge Beeri retired from the Army in 1997 as a colonel. He was a lecturer of Mılitary Law in Haifa University during the years of 1996 and 2005.

He was the Israel Army representative in the conference held in Lausanne on “Military Criminal Law and and War Law”, in 1982.

In 1997 he acted as the escort officer during Turkish Chief of Staff, General Ismail H. Karadayi’s official visit to Israel.

And in the years 1997- 1998 he was a member of the official delegations both in Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s and also in Defense Minister Itzik Mordehay’s visits to Turkey.


Outstanding and Permanent contribution /reasons for nomination:

He has been able to succeed in a difficult branch, the law, in his new country and has been promoted to the degree of colonel in the Israel Defense Forces. Judge Beeri has served the country loyally and successfully in various duties including as Chief Prosecutor in the Israeli Army.

Interesting facts: He was a member of the High Judges Committee in mediatic lawsuits, including the one against Hayim Ramon, a prominent Maarah knesset member and Minister of Justice of the time.


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