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Avraam Benshoshan

First and Last Name : Avraam Benshoshan

Date and Place of Birth: 1940, Turkey

Aliya Date: 1946

Marital Status:Married, has two daughters

Educatıon: History (B.A), Tel Aviv University Political Science and Strategy, (M.A.) Naval War College, Newport

Occupation: Retired Navy Commander


Admiral Benshushan made aliyah to Israel with his family when he was only six years old. He spent his childhood in Kfar Saba and then he was sent to the agricultural school “Eshel Hanasi” in the Negev for his education. When he was in boarding school, he decided that his future would be at sea, and he started looking for work as a crew-member.. The coincidences pushed him to work on kibbutz boats, where he met Yosale Dror, who would later be his commander in the Navy.

In 1956, he enlisted in the “Mevuot HaYam” school in Mihmoret to learn the essentials of seamanship. He had limited financial means, but his extraordinary will and talent caused the school to grant him scholarships for the years to come.

In 1959, he graduated from his school with honors and joined the Navy. Meanwhile, the nickname "Shosh" became the nickname he would use from then on.

At the time of his discharge, his commanders managed to convince him to stay in the Navy and become an officer; in fact, in the middle of the course, they sent him on a drill that would take a few weeks aboard the submarine, "Ahi Tanin". He successfully completed his officer course in 1962.

After a while, he was assigned to the "Ahi Tanin" submarine. During his mission, he was sent to serve on a submarine belonging to the United Kingdom Navy for six months. On this occasion, he learned the English terms related to his profession.

He served under Dror, who was the commander of the “Ahi Tanin” submarine in the Six-Day War, and was awarded with the “Medal of Courage “ for his successful performance.

He survived thanks to a last-minute change of mission on the Dakar submarine, which sank in 1968.

He was sent to a highly prestigious submarine officers’ course in Portsmouth UK and was one of the few foreign graduates who proudly completed it. After a while he was appointed commander of the corvette "Ahi Hets".

He was an operations officer in the “Yom Kipur War”.

In 1975, he was appointed head of the Navy's "Captain Training" school. During this time, the scope of the school was expanded to include the training of marine officers. At the end of his mission at this institution he was sent to the training course of the US Fleet in Newport, USA.

In 1979, he was appointed commander of the fleet. In 1981 he became the commander of the Naval Base in Haifa and after the "Shlom Hagalil" campaign, he got to be deputy commander of the Navy. In 1985, the Navy was now under his command. In his time he absolutely blocked the passage of Palestinians who were using the seaway to carry out terrorist activities. Terrorists carrying many weapons were captured at sea. Meanwhile, in Algeria, the Moonlight ship was sunk and Abu Jihad was neutralized in Tunisia.

Wıth Benshushan in command, the navy became stronger and in 1989 he delegated his duty as commander to his deputy, Miha Ram.

Benshushan, who gained the trust of Rabin ; served as Defense Ministry Attache to Washington for a certain period during his tenure. In 1993, after 34 years of service , Admiral Benshushan retired from the Israeli Defense Forces.

Between 1993 and 1996, he was the general manager of the Ministry of Labour and Welfare. Later on he became the general manager and chairman of various private companies and public institutions.

Institutions he founded/worked for/ supported:

In September 2020, he was awarded the "Life Award" for his contribution to an undisclosed operation.

He participated in the Six-Day, the Yom Kippur and the Lebanon Wars and he received awards in each case.

Outstanding and lasting contribution / Reasons for Selection:

With 34 years’ service reaching the highest post in the Navy, he is nominated for this honorable list for his significant contribution to the defense of the State of Israel.


Bizi Takip Edin
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