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Arie Kohen

Name Surname : Arie Kohen

Date and place of Birth : 1960, Istanbul

Date of Aliya : 1970

Marital Status : Married

Schools Attended : Dost Primary School, Istanbul

Profession : Industrialist and President of the Megilot Regional Council


The Kohen family made Aliyah to Israel after Arie graduated from primary school in Istanbul. Arie joined the “Hanoar Haoved” youth movement of the Labor Party.

When he decided to join a kibbutz, he chose to settle in the Mitspe Shalem Kibbutz in the Megilot region near the Dead Sea and began to explore the possibilities of establishing an industry in this region.

He started manufacturing cosmetic products made of mud and mineral-based compounds from the Dead Sea, which became world-renowned skin care products under the name "Ahava", meaning love in Hebrew. “Ahava” is the only cosmetic company licensed to extract raw materials from the Dead Sea and has 200 employees, some of whom work abroad. The company was sold to Chinese Fosun International in 2015. Arie Kohen was the CEO of the company from 1985 to 2015.

When his son Nimrod fell at the Lebanese border during his military service in 2006, Arie Kohen sought a purpose that would give a deeper meaning to his life and thus decided to use his experience to develop the region he lived in. As a result of his efforts, he was elected to be the President of the Megilot Regional Council.

Institutions established and supported : Ahava, a Dead Sea product and a world brand.

Outstanding and Permanent contribution /reasons for nomination: Arie Kohen ensured the promotion and marketing of "Ahava" cosmetics in many countries, making the products globally famous in the field of cosmetics and also contributed to the country's economy, including the company’s exit. He also made an outstanding and lasting contribution to Israel with his work on the development of the Dead Sea Region, particularly as a tourist attraction.

Interesting facts: Visiting Suadiye and Burgaz is on his agenda whenever he goes to Istanbul.

Not:Yazılarda geçen bilgiler kaynak göstermeden yayınlanamaz.


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