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Itshak Hananel

Name, Surname : Itshak Hananel

Parents’ Names : Suzan and Moiz Hananel

Date and place of Birth: 1925, Istanbul

Date of Aliya : 1945

Date of death : 1989

Profession: Agricultural Consultant


Itshak joined the “Neemaney Tsiyon” youth movement in his early years in Turkey.

In 1945 he made his aliya to Israel clandestinely.

This was quite an adventure. First, together with a friend, he reached the Syrian border by train. Smugglers helped him reach Lebanese soil. But when the smuggler robbed all their money and fled, they found refuge in a synagogue. And then, hidden in a flour transport truck, they reached Kibutz Givat Hayim.

Itshak married Aviva (Ivet) a young woman of Turkish origin whom he met in the kibutz, and they made their living by farming in differet kibutzim, namely Shfayyim, Pardes Hanna and Neve Yaar. He was one of the founders of Kibutz Hagoshrim together with some other immigrants of Turkish origin. Later on he bought some land at Moshav Tsahal and began farming.

In 1951 he was elected as the delegate of the Avoda (Maarah) party for the Ramat Ishay area. He sold his farm and started to work as a taxi driver. Upon realizing that this new job was unsuitable for him, he started to work as an agricultural consultant on behalf of the Sohnut at Moshav Goren. He kept this job until the end of his life. In the meantime, he was promoted to the post of deputy managing director and contributed greatly to the development of the entire Galil region in terms of settlement and agricultural activities.

Institutions established, supported: Kibbutz Hagoshrim

Outstanding and Permanent contribution /reasons for nomination:

He was named “The Person of the Galil” in one of the brochures published for him. Hananel was a pioneer in the youth aliya movement and contributed tremendously to the development of the Galil region.


Bizi Takip Edin
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