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Name, Surname : Dalia Dorner

Birth Date and Location: 1934, İstanbul

Aliya Date : 1944

Marital Status : Married, with two sons

Education : Completed primary, middle and high school education in Nahariya and Haifa.

Profession : Judge, member of Supreme Court


Judge Dorner made aliya to Israel with her family when she was ten years old. While performing her military service, she served as the President of the Central Military Court in 1973 with the rank of lieutenant colonel. She is the first woman in Tsahal (Israel Defense Army) to receive the ranks of lieutenant colonel and colonel. (Except for the Women's Military Unit)

Later she held legal positions in the Police Force. While serving as judge in Jerusalem, she was part of the delegation that tried Nazi criminal Demiyanyuk. She has served in the Supreme Court since 1993. She served as head of National and Municipal Election Board in 1994. She chaired the Inquiry Commission which investigated the issue of Aid for Genocide Survivors in 2008. She chaired a committee on children with special needs.

She continued to be active after her retirement. Judge Dorner has worked as a lecturer on human rights at Bar Ilan University and has been a member of the Board of Directors at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Work /Publications: She has been the head of the editorial board of the journal "Hapraklit", the publication of the Lawyers' Union.

Prizes Received:

October 2004: Lawyers Union Award for her contribution to the Society and the Legal System. November 2005: Honorary Doctorate of the Weizmann Institute. Honorary membership of the American Law Institute. Human Rights and transparent management advocate award. Qualified Power Movement (Tnuat Eyhut Aşilton) appreciation award. September 2008: Special appreciation and gratitude award of the Young Leaders (LEAD) organization in Israel for her contribution to the competent development of young leaders in the country. December 2008: Honorary Doctorate from Ben Gurion University. On the Independence Day of 2010 (Yom Atsmaut), she was awarded the honor of lighting a torch for the 62nd anniversary of Israel. May 2011: Honorary membership of Beit Berl Academy. June 2012: Honorary membership of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Outstanding and Permanent contribution /reasons for nomination:

She was deemed worthy of being in this list due to her outstanding and permanent contributions to the Israeli Legal System.


Bizi Takip Edin
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