Tel Aviv hosts ‘’The Old Istanbul Mansions and Houses’’ exhibition

November 6, 2019


Tel Aviv hosts ‘’The Old Istanbul Mansions and Houses’’ exhibition by artist Dr. Joseph Sibi.


The opening ceremony was held at Saraya – Turkish Cultural Center in Jaffa (part of Tel Aviv) on 2nd November 2019. The exhibion has been organized by the The Organization for Turkish Society in Israel with the cooperation of Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv. The Turkish and Israeli anthems were sung by the visitors.


Saraya; where the tourists and Israelis are visiting the ‘’The Old Istanbul Mansions and Houses’’ exhibition, is a renovated building dated Ottoman Empire’s Neoclassical architecture period is located very close to Jaffa’s famous old Clock Tower which also was a gift for the Sultan Abdulhamit II.


The visitors enjoyed also the excellent Turkish Classical Music pieces and special tastes from the famous Turkish bakery Dilek’s.


The organization’s advisory board president lawyer Yakup Barokas welcomed the visitors and presented Dr. Joseph Sibi and his art. Sibi, who has born in İstanbul’s old neighbourhood Balat in 1943 made aliyah to Israel in 1969 and founded the Urology department and also managed the same department for many years in the Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon.


Dr. Yosef Sibi stated that he was inspired by the scratches he draw at the silent moments he found between the surgeries.


The Chairman of The Organization for Turkish Society in Israel Ovi Roditi Gulersen stated that the Organization is working endlessly for 60 years to contribute culturally and that the Organization’s efforts were crowned by receiving a service medal from the late Foreign Minister İsmail Cem. The president added that they are working with volunteers in order to keep the relationship always live between two countries.


The exhibition will be open for three months, every Thursday between 12:00-16:00 and every Friday between 10:00-14:00.




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